Ban New Mines in the 2040 Hernando County Land Use Plan; Email your comment to County Commissioners

December 8, 2017

Below is the email that DeeVon Quirolo sent to each of the county commissioners.  Please  send out your email today to them and plan to be at the meeting Tuesday Dec. 12 at 9am at the Brooksville Courthouse Commission Chambers.  Ask then to ban new mines in the 2040 land use plan. 

Email addresses are:

*Chair Wayne Dukes:

*Commissioner Nick Nicholson:

*Commissioner Jeff Holcomb:

*Commissioner John Allocco:, and

*Commissioner Steve Champion:

*Copy  In the subject line, enter Ban New Mines in 2040 Land Use Plan . In the body of the email, enter Dear Commissioners:  Ban New MINES in the 2040 Land Use Plan followed by your name and address and any other comments you want to make.  Encourage others to do the same!

Dear Commissioner:
Thanks for meeting with us to present our concerns that the 2040 land use plan has been gutted of many valuable policies and strategies that would have insured economic and environmental health for Hernando County.  Attached are our earlier comments detailing them for you.
At this point, with approval of the plan approaching, most of all we ask you to seriously consider supporting a ban on new mines in the land use plan.    Previously approved permits in Hernando County provide enough acreage to insure that mining can continue for the next 100 years without permitting any new mine sites. Most importantly, no need has been established for additional mining and some existing mining sites are inactive, based on mining reports submitted to the county in 2016.
We continue to be affected by the blasting, heavy industrial traffic, property value declines, quality of life impacts, and decline in water quality in local wells that mining delivers to many Hernando residents every day.  Not to mention the health and environmental consequences of industrial open pit mining that releases silica dust into the environment, that contains asbestos, a know carcinogen, and displaces threatened and endangered plant and animal species.

We therefore respectfully recommend the county land use plan remove any reference or language that would allow the establishment of new mines in areas outside of existing mining permits and that there be no provision in the land use plan that would allow amendment of the land use plan to allow mining to occur in any area not zoned for it as of January 1, 2017.  Further, that the future land use map remove any new areas in the mining zoning category that were not permitted for mining as of January 1, 2017.     

This is entirely within your power.   Mining is arguably more dangerous than either RV’s or strip malls to the health and prosperity of Hernando Citizens and is not an economic factor,  other than to diminish the growing success of our nature tourism economy.  Chapter One of the draft plan currently includes a ban on mobile homes in the Coastal Zone and a ban on more strip malls as follows:

Chapter One Future Land Use Development

Strategy 1.04B(9): New zoning for mobile homes shall not be permitted in the Coastal Zone as defined in the Coastal Management Element of this Plan.

Strategy 1.04G(7): Expansion of the existing mapped pattern of strip commercial is not  desirable, and the creation of new strip commercial areas in the County is not allowed. 

Thank you for your consideration and Happy Holidays!   

All the best,  DeeVon 

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