Be there! Hernando Commission to consider 7 Diamonds Mine Position Tues. March 8th

March 4, 2016

The agenda for the Tuesday, March 8th, 2016,  Hernando County Commission includes “An update regarding  Seven Diamonds, LLC, Proposed Mining Project Located in Pasco County”  by Environmental Services Director Susan Goebel-Canning.  See below the letter to Pasco County that Susan and the planning department will present to the county commission for approval.  It  expresses Hernando BOCC’s concern over the proposed new mine in Pasco, a mine that is located in an area within the Weeki Wachee Springshed, a shared resource for Hernando and Pasco Counties.
We requested this action from the county and have been working to get to this stage and hope the commission approves it.  Please try to attend the meeting or if you cannot, please call or email the county commissioners to express your concerns and encourage them to approve the letter.  The meeting begins at 9am and although this item is scheduled for after lunch at 1 pm, it may well be moved up in the agenda.  Citizen comment is scheduled for 11 am.  That is when we can speak up because since it is a staff report, there will be no public comment as it is now set up.   If it gets moved up on the agenda, the chair could allow public comment on it, but not as it now stands, which is why we need to be there when the meeting begins and the agenda is shuffled around.
Here are the last contacts I have for the commissioners:
CommissionerWayne Dukes  352 263-8353
Commissioner Nick Nicholson  352 353-5240
Commissioner Jeff Holcomb  352 688-9731
Chairman James Atkins  352 754-4002
Commissioner Diane Rowden  352 573-4178
This is really great news!  We just hope the commission approves it.   Commissioner Diane Rowden brought this up for us at an earlier meeting and has been supportive and Chairman Adkins may be as well,  but the jury is out with the other commissioners.  So we need to show up and speak out to encourage them to take ownership of our shared responsibility to protect the Weeki Wachee Springshed—a valuable fresh water drinking source— which this mine would jeopardize.  For more info on this issue, check out our earlier action alert with speaking points.
So please, take a minute right now to make your calls, send your emails,  and plan to show up on Tuesday, March 8th at the Hernando County Courthouse in Brooksville at 9 am.   Questions?  Email us at

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