City of Brooksville to consider CEMEX issue at March 16th Meeting

March 3, 2015

A bit of good news!

At the City of Brooksville City Council meeting held on Monday, March 2nd, the commissioners heard from Neighbors Against Mining during the Citizen Comment period.   We presented 518 petitions signed by Brooksville residents and property owners opposing the CEMEX application to amend the Hernando comprehensive land use plan to allow mining.  We spoke about the reasons why we were opposed to the new mine at the very entrance to town.

We asked that they respond to their constituents and agenda the issue of the new CEMEX mine for discussion at their next meeting to update their position.  The city last took a position on this in 2011, when they concurred with the county.

The question before the county commission is:  Is amending the comp plan to allow mining consistent with existing adjacent uses and has the applicant proven a need for it?   Brooksville is one of several adjacent uses to the proposed new mine, including nearby residents, the hospital across the street, the canopy road and the African American Spring Hill Cemetery.

But the City of Brooksville,  with 7100 residents, is the largest adjacent use.  And what they decide will likely influence county commissioners.

Since 2011, Brooksville has been the elephant in the room, while other adjacent uses have come out to just say no to more mining.

The City Council agreed to hear it at their next meeting,  to be held on Monday, March 16th, at 7pm at City Hall in Brooksville.  Mayor Frankie Burnett took the initiative and for that we thank him and the other council members who agreed to consider it.  He encouraged the council members to talk to their constituents, talk to CEMEX if they want, review the documents available at City Hall, and come prepared to issue a letter stating their position for consideration by the county commissioners.

We’ll be there to attend that City Council meeting to describe why the new CEMEX mine is a bad deal for the city and encourage them to also just say no to more mining.    But we need your help.

Please mark your calendar now to be there.  Speak out about why the City of  Brooksville should oppose 20 years of open pit industrial lime rock mining on Cortez Blvd.

This will be timely as the county commission has scheduled their final hearing on CEMEX  for Tuesday, April 28th,  at the  Brooksville Government Center.  Mark your calendar now to be at that hearing as well, and speak out–that’s the BIG ONE!

Learn more at…..CEMEX issues to consider

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