Comment of Lisa Bambauer

April 17, 2015

Please include my comments in the public record. Thank you.

I am appalled by the lengths given, by our county commissioners, to the consideration of the proposed mine expansion. It is my understanding that the residents who live in the area around the mine have clearly voiced their objections to the mine expansion. The Hernando County Planning and Zoning Commission, the entity that represents the balance of the county, recommended denial of the expansion.  Continuing to waste time and money on a question where there is a consensus answer makes no sense to me.

Additionally, only two weeks ago the 2015 County Health Rankings Florida reported Hernando County in the worst category for resident health. Fifty percent of the ranking is directly attributed to the policies and programs of the local government. Included in that are air and water quality, and community safety.   Anything that could even remotely affect those aspects of our health in a negative way, should be dismissed immediately.  We are unhealthy enough.

I am urging commissioners to deny the mine expansion. Their decisions directly contribute to our health and safety, and should be made in accordance with the words of Benjamin Franklin, “time is money.”

Lisa Bambauer

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