Comment submittted by Mary Ellen Urban

June 27, 2014

Mrs. Mary Ellen Urban
8205 Fort Dade Avenue
Brooksville, FL 34601

June 24, 2014

Hernando County Planning and Zoning Department
20 North Main Street
Brooksville, FL 34601

Dear Planning and Zoning Personnel:

RE: CEMEX Application for Land Use and Zoning Amendment Concerning Acreage Across from Bayfront Health Brooksville Hospital and Extending the Areas of Fort Dade Avenue and Highway 50 (Cortez Boulevard) Almost to Cobb Road, Brooksville, Florida Owned by Several Well-known Brooksville Men

Please enter my comments here into the record of the July 14, 2014 Meeting.

Facts to Explore:

1) No earthen berms were on the east side of Fort Dade Avenue on the CEMEX maps at their last meeting. Where are the berms on the already mined area off Citrus Way and Fort Dade Avenue/Cobb Road that extend behind resident properties? Other areas?
2) Pulling large amounts of water from the proposed new well to be drilled on the large amount of acreage in question could collapse residential wells and contaminate Peck Sink and the Florida Aquifer.
3) Minute vibrations could affect delicate equipment at local businesses and the hospital. Manual or laser surgery affected may be life threatening and ultimately legal action that the hospital, equipment suppliers and medical staff should surely want to avoid.
4) 24/7 noise of heavy trucks, beepers, and very bright lights is unacceptable in this location spewing dust into the air causing health concerns, contaminating water and sending vibrations making inhabitants and drivers of vehicles on Highway 50 (Cortez Boulevard) wonder if they have been part of an unknown explosion.
5) Plants and animals cannot speak for themselves against destruction of habitat from mining. Frightened wildlife will be slaughtered by vehicles on Highway 50 and Fort Dade Avenue causing much grief to both. Gopher tortoises will have to be removed according to law before any mining could even begin.

This mining operation is proposed for the wrong location in this day in age. What once was rural is now part of the growth of the area bisecting Hernando County on Highway 50 and area of Florida known as the “Nature Coast.” Rezoning to mining is unacceptable for compromise.

Please view meeting of June 17, 2014 video for more on how this proposed mining will affect all of us.

Mary Ellen Urban

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