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August 27, 2014

From: Marc Yacht <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 3:04 PM
Subject: Say no to Cemex mining Expansion
From: Marc Yacht, MD, MPH (signed)
Hudson, Florida 34667
Honorable Chairman and fellow commissioners:
It is unfortunate when citizen challenged issues come before the board that too often elected officials minimize raised concerns. Corporate mining expansion falls into that category.
Both Hernando County and Pasco County have grown significantly in the last 20 years. The rural flavor has given way to denser populations, housing, hospitals and small businesses. This changing landscape also impacts large land area use requests. Certainly, Hernando County in 1980 could honor such requests with little impact on residents and the environment. However, it is now 2014 and the Hernando population is 175,000 people many residing on the Highway 50 corridor.
Recent statistics tag Hernando County as one of Florida’s least healthy areas. I cannot imagine responsible commissioners would accept such a label without addressing healthier development for the County.
Cemex hopes to expand its mining operations another 730 acres. They do not have a satisfactory record of cleanup after exhausting their mining efforts. Other issues concern noise and the impact on a nearby hospital and residents. I understand this is a predicted 20 year project. Also, airborne pollutants may add risk especially to those with pulmonary conditions.
It can be anticipated that your population will double in the next twenty years as has almost been the case in the last twenty. This creates even greater concern for the impact of such mining operations.
I personally recommend denying the expansion for Cemex. Hernando will be a healthier place for this decision.
Marc J. Yacht, MD, MPH
Volunteer, CARES senior Clinic
Volunteer, Good Samaritan Clinic
Retired Director, Pasco County Health Department (2007)
Former Editor in Chief, Florida Medical Association Magazine
Former President, Florida Association of County Health Officials
Former President, Florida Public Health Association
Former President, Public Health Specialty Group, Florida Medical Association
Former President, Pasco County Medical Society
Former Senior Editor, Florida Journal of Public Health (Print edition)

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Tina Henize September 18, 2014 at 10:21 am

Thank you, Dr. Yacht! You truly nailed some issues and coming from a medical professional I hope our BOCC is paying attention. Sadly I doubt they will unless they soon start receiving many hundred of letters in addition to thousands of signers on the petition.

Obviously you are paying attention and already know our Comp Plan calls for transitionion away from rock mining here. These mining proponents need a Comp Plan change, via Tally, in order to obtain the needed zoning change. In that realm, just in case you were not at the P&Z Commission hearing (or viewed the recording), I think you will find it interesting the Chairman, a normally reserved and by-the-book guy (appropriate in his position), nearly ‘lost it’, saying the proposal is preposterous, and also posed the rhetorical query re what they might try next… mining the City of Brooksville, which sits on the biggest hard rock pile in our county.

I hope you will be writing to our BOCC (too bad you’re in Hudson and not Hernando C). Maybe you have some peers and kindred spirit MDs in Hernando County who will join you on this. We still have over 2 months to the BOCC hearing and that’s a long time for holding onto the current opposition level and even more difficult to increase our momentum. So glad to know you have joined this effort.


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