Comments of Dr. Philip van Beynen

January 6, 2015

To: Hernando County Planning Department.

I have recently become aware of the CEMEX CPAM 1102 mining proposal for the creation of a new mine in Hernando County. I reviewed the information regarding the proposal and some of the reports that resulted from the review of said proposal. The statement that resonated with me as a karst scientist was the report by Mr. Kugler on the hydrological impacts of the proposed mine. I feel he raises some very pertinent points. Most importantly, there are many unknowns regarding karst groundwater systems and the borehole analysis technique used to investigate the site is widely accepted by those in the karst scientific community to be unsuitable for investigating karst aquifers. I have visited Peck Sink, which is mentioned in the report, and have firsthand knowledge that the SWFWMD does not have good understanding of the hydrology of the area.

In summary, Mr. Kugler is correct, more research is definitely needed before any mining can go forward.


Dr. Philip van Beynen

Note by Neighbors Against Mining:  Dr. van Beynen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography/Environmental Science and Policy Program at University of South Florida

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