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December 3, 2014

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Subject: CEMEX CPAM 1102


Good morning,

First, let me thank the planning commission for their decision regarding CEMEX CPAM 1102 earlier this year.  I sincerely appreciate that the members listened to the concerns of the citizens of our county and made a decision that will positively impact our community. I am sincerely hoping that our commissioners will support their findings and decision and also vote against the mining expansion.


I am not a politician or lobbyist or activist.  I am a resident of the Centralia area of  Brooksville.  I am surrounded by Cemex mining sites.  When we bought our home here 9 years ago, we were unaware of the active mining in our area.  Our realtor, nor our closing agents did not disclose the extent of the mining in our area.  It was not until the early morning mining blasts one day shortly after we moved in, that we started investigating their cause.  Our windows rattled.  Pictures fell from the wall.  I thought a plane had crashed in the area.  It was very scary and very upsetting.  These blasts have occurred often over the nine years.  So, my first point is that mining blasts cannot be muffled by barriers or fencing.  If there is blasting, there will be loud noise in the most pristine area of our county and across from a hospital.


I firmly believe, but cannot prove, that our air quality and water quality has been changed by the mining.  We depend on well water out this way, and in the last year or so, our water quality has become harder and heavily laden with lime and other hard water deposits.  My point is that the mining company cannot unequivocally state that the air quality and water quality of this area has not been adversely affected either.  Any expert hired by this company is going to side in their favor.  (Hey, I saw Erin Brockovich!).  Until independent testing is allowed and completed by our financially strapped county government, I feel that further mining should be suspended until we can feel safe and secure.  I, for one, would not be willing to gamble someone’s health and livelihood based on company hired experts and I am confident that county commissioners would feel they same way if they had loved ones living in the mining areas.


Being a retired elementary school educator and administrator, my last point is quite simple.  It’s something we teach pre-schoolers and kindergartners and school children of all ages.  CLEAN UP YOUR MESS BEFORE YOU MAKE A NEW ONE.  When I look at aerial pictures of this beautiful, pristine haven out here, I am just sick and disheartened.  What a mess!  I went to school in Polk County, FL and I remember the phosphate mining there.  It was a mess but then the responsible companies cleaned up and reclaimed the areas they had previously mined and turned them into wetlands, and environmental preserves, and recreational areas.  That is not the case here.  It appears that this company has plundered for their own financial gain, leaving us with unsightly, unsafe, ugly scars.  I read nothing in the paper of grants, or scholarships, or community benefits, or any ways of “giving back.”  I am asking this commission to suspend the mining and hold this company to the standards we expect for everyone in this community.  I used to call it “Adding to the Party.”  Be a contributing guest.  Don’t come and eat up all the food and drink and make a giant mess and then head home without helping to clean up.  It’s an analogy that has always stayed with me and I hope you understand what I am saying.  Let’s not let the mining continue to grow in our county until we can see that the miners have learned their manners and honestly represent themselves as contributors.


Thank you,

Jean H. Cross

Brooksville, FL  34614

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