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August 18, 2014

Good Afternoon:
I am writing to voice my concerns in regard to the proposed CEMEX CPM1102 mining project which will border on my property.  The evidence of damage from the Citrus way quarry is evident every where I look on my property now, and this new proposed site promises to be much closer to my home.  I believe my home is closest to where CEMEX is proposing to start the quarry.  The approximate 150 border the company showed me, is in no way a safe distance in my estimation.  I am a new resident and home owner / tax payer in Brooksville, and this proposed project was absolutely not disclosed to me when I purchased my home in November.  I don’t believe I would have taken the chances I feel like I’m now taking with my health and that of my animals by living there.  Between the damage to the my concrete slabs, the noise from the truck alarms all night long, the constant white dust which I’m now learning is most likely contaminated with Mercury, and the towering live oak trees that canopy my house.  The blasting scares me to death.  I have two very old horses, and one very young.  I am worried about the affect Blasting will have on them.  The noise, the toxic dust, the well disturbance which already causes white crystals/powder  in my water.  I oppose this project with everything in me, and I hope you will consider my concerns as you review this proposal.
Judith Smith
17496 Fort Dade Ave.
Brooksville, FL 

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