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December 3, 2014

Rosemarie Grubba
1922 Howell Ave B3
Brooksville, FL 34601

December 1, 2014


Hernando County, Florida
Board of County Commissioners
20 North Main Street
Brooksville Fl 34601

Opposition to CEMEX application to amend the Comprehensive Land Use Plan

As a resident of Hernando County, I am adamantly opposed to a change in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan which would allow Cemex, a Mexican company to continue to expand their operation to this parcel of land for another 20 years . Such a change is inconsistent with the stated goals of Brooksville and Hernando County in becoming a more tourist and ecologically friendly destination. A foreign firm should not be allowed to disrupt what Hernando County has planned for its future, netting no new jobs and no great benefit to our community.

The plan to put any heavy industry right across from the Hospital is unsound and unhealthy at a time when the county already has numerous health problems stemming from both poverty and pollution. Exposing more citizens and already “health impaired” folks to further cancerous silica dust is unsustainable.

Blighting our business corridor is foolish. Disruptive and dirty usage will do nothing to enhance the impressions of visitors and the concomitant invisible dust, invasive noise and traffic disruptions will only further aggravate those of us who live locally.

We must continue also to safeguard the history and heritage of Hernando County’s earliest African American families whose dead are interred at the Spring Hill Cemetery on Ft Dade. This is the final resting place for 5 generations of Brooksvillians. It must not be desecrated or disturbed. Let those who faithfully served have peace and quiet!

Cemex has touted several differing plans for transporting the rock from this new pit to their facility in the desolate wasteland they have already mined so that it can be processed. Cemex representatives claimed there will be no additional truck traffic from this operation. If that is to be the case , they have variously said they would either tunnel under or build a span across the lovely and protected Canopy road which is Ft Dade. Not only does this imperil the protected status of Ft Dade as a Scenic Canopy Road but it is highly impractical.

How will they NOT disturb the ancient old grandfather and grandmother oaks and other trees?

How will either effect the complicated drainage in the area ? Peck Sink is just across Cortez – what will the consequences be of 20 more years of blasting the land and disturbing the water table?

And what will either a tunnel or a bridge do the ambiance of this already impacted community?

What about the wildlife ?

If you have seen the aerial views of the numerous mining lands in Hernando you have seen what a vast moonscape it appears. When and where has Cemex faithfully fulfilled their contractual promises to revitalize and restore any of their existing sites? Why will they perform with more compunction on this site?

Let’s not take our community back to the stone age! Let’s instead move forward into a clean, healthy and scenic Hernando County.

Plan for prosperity and posterity!

I urge you to vote against the proposed application.
Tell Cemex to clean up their past pollution and ravagements.


Adamantly and respectfully,
Rosemarie Grubba

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