Contact the County Commissioners Now! STOP the new CEMEX Mine

April 6, 2015

*Time to Apply Pressure:  Final Vote set for Tuesday April 28th at Brooksville Courthouse

CEMEX seeks to change the comprehensive land use plan on 728 acres fronting Cortez Boulevard across from Bayfront Hospital to Fort Dade Avenue on the north from agricultural to mining.  For the next 20 years, we’d live with open pit lime rock mining that would include blasting and removal of the existing pine forest, grassland, and wetland habitat adjacent to the historic African American Spring Hill Cemetery and near over 150 residents.  An industrial conveyor belt would move all the limerock over the scenic “protected” Fort Dade Avenue canopy road.

CEMEX wants the county to consider this an interim use.  Once the property is excavated down 60’, the property owners plan a commercial/residential development along the Cortez Boulevard.  20 years is too long to endure mining as an “interim use” with the hope that something good may come of the site thereafter.  Reclamation is a false hope if we look at all the other past mine sites around Hernando.

The Hernando County Planning Commission voted it down 4 to 1 at their July 14 meeting.  The final vote will come before the Hernando County Commission on Tuesday, April 28th at 9am at the Brooksville courthouse. Mark your calendar now to be there! Speak out and help us stop this bad deal.

Nearby neighbors, the Historic African American Spring Hill Cemetery, businesses along Cortez Blvd, physicians who practice at Bayfront Hospital, thousands of Hernando residents and property owners, and numerous organizations have gone on record to just say no to more mining. Hydrologists and mining experts have submitted comments cautioning that the environmental, health and social impacts will be considerable and property values will drop. The chronic silica dust pollution, the open pit mine on the business-zoned corridor into town and the lack of even one new job to be created despite 20 years of mining are all good reasons to reject more mining at this location. CEMEX has other mines further north so no one will lose a job. But it will deter sustainable growth through tourism; you can’t have an open pit mine at the entrance to the city and expect tourists to come here to enjoy the Nature Coast.

What you can do:

* Contact the county commissioner now.  Call or if you see them,  tell them of your concerns.  Now is the time to apply pressure so they don’t vote YES on this bad deal for Hernando.  Thank Diane Rowden for her support!

* Email the commissioners at:,,,,

* Submit an email comment to the county at: In the subject line, put CEMEX CPAM 1102 so it goes into the official file.

* Mark your calendar now to attend and speak out at the County Commission hearing Tues. April 28 9am at the Brooksville Courthouse.  Arrive early to get  a good seat.

* Get involved. Neighbors Against Mining is an all volunteer group working to stop this bad deal for Hernando. Offer to put a sign in your yard and share information with others to get people to the hearing.

* Make a tax-deductible donation to Nature Coast Conservation, Inc. for our Neighbors Against Mining project. Help pay for our legal team and experts needed for that meeting. Nature Coast Conservation Inc. is a Florida not for profit with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. The official registration on file with the state.

For more information, check  our facebook page at Neighbors Against Mining in Hernando County, Fl.   Post a comment.  Forward to your friends.  Let everyone know about the final vote April 28th.

Contact us via mail at:


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