Jean Cross letter to Fl-DEP

July 31, 2015

July 29, 2015

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Air Resource Management, Office of Permitting and Compliance
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS#5505
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

Dear Sirs:

I would appreciate your attention to my concerns regarding the renewal of permit #0530021-054-AV by CEMEX Construction Materials in Brooksville, Florida.  I have been a resident of Hernando County for 10 years and unfortunately in our excitement with finding our dream home, we did not research the area in which we live, close to the active mines that affect us, along with 7000+ other residents of this area.  It was not until loud scary blasts rattled pictures off the wall, that we learned of the mining activities.  As you can see, though, we have stuck this out.  We love the area, and until recently believed that our county commissioners were looking out for our best interests and would protect our health, our air quality, our water quality and our quality of life.  From recent proceedings though it does not look like this is to be the case.  I am worried.  I suffer from asthma and worry that no one is monitoring the Cemex company’s emissions.  I know that they have paid fines in the past and I fear that they have decided that they will just continue to pollute our air and just pay the piper.  I do not like the unannounced blasts (just in the last week or so we have had two very loud blasts at approx.. 8:55 PM). The mining trucks illegally travel on our access road where no trucks are allowed by the signage on Centralia Road.  These three points make them a poor neighbor and member of community in my opinion.  But the fact that they have done nothing to reclaim the lands they have ruined and make them viable for our community again really upsets me the most.  I went to school in Lakeland and I remember the phosphate mines there.  Many of those companies did the responsible, honorable thing, and have turned their plundering into recreational areas and given back to their community.  That is not the case here.  And so, I am not surprised that they may be ignoring our health and welfare and doing whatever they see as increasing their bottom line.  If they are not in the least worried about how our community looks, then it’s a pretty good bet that they are not concerned about our prosperity.  We cannot depend on our elected officials to protect us, so I hope you will step in and do the right thing.  I know they were here before we were, but when you watch your environment and quality of amenities change, you just cannot turn your head and let bad things continue to happen.   Please do not renew their permit, at least without investigating further.  Please help me to look forward to living out my “golden years” without worry and anxiety.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Jean Cross, Hernando County Resident  ( I will not provide my address due to fear of retribution).

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