Jennifer Sullivan, Hernando Green Party letter to FL DEP

August 7, 2015

Mr. David Read
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division Air Resource Management
Office of Permitting
It’s one thing to have been on the side of what appeared to be progress. Many people chose to believe the propaganda about dirty energy, such as coal and oil, being completely harmless. They had that “reasonable doubt”. However, when the deception of some 30 years is now exposed, it’s quite another thing to still cling to that propaganda in denial. It’s especially dis-heartening when those who actually have the power to do the right thing refuse, or fail, to do it.
Please review the enclosed link from the Union of Concerned Scientists . Please read The Climate Deception Dossiers before you decide. A big part of this was the coal giant Peabody Energy. These documents were pried loose by leaks, lawsuits and FOIA requests. 
Denying coal burning permits is now a must, for any company. Certainly, top on the list for denial would be companies with known track records of abusing the rules, such as Cemex in Brooksville.
Here’s hoping that those who have the power, choose to use it wisely for the future. Here’s hoping that there will be a denial of any coal burning permits for Cemex, or any large scale outfit that uses that dirty old fossil of a fuel. They may maintain that they are job creators, but large scale implementing of solar power here in the sunshine state will dwarf whatever jobs are retained at the current plant, even if they are including all of the jobs created in the health care realm because of the diseases that Cemex’s polluted air will spew forth. The solar jobs will be competitive in real world time and give us clean energy jobs, clean air and clean consciences for those who hold the permitting power.
Mr. Read you have the decision power and responsibility to deny the permits and the reasons are many. Do this for your family, friends and the people that you serve. Let’s move Florida forward.
Jennifer Sullivan, on behalf of the Hernando County Green Party

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