Ray Wunderlich, III M.S. letter to FL DEP

August 1, 2015

 Dear Mr. Read,
I am a native Floridian and St. Petersburgian.  I believe we need to make progressive, intelligent and forward thinking decisions to improve our State’s natural resources , including our fauna, our citizen’s health and prevent disease of our population.
Lets NOT renew or allow the Cemex Cement Factory to continue operations.
I my experience in our nutritional medicine clinical practice we saw hundreds of patients from all over the state and country with heavy metal disease and respiratory illness due to not only air pollution but also WHAT THEY/WE INGESTED!
These toxins CO2, Mercury, Sulfur dioxide, particulates, and others are ubiquitous and persistent and accumulate in our bodies.  They are pervasive in our wild areas and oceans as well, hence we ingest them.
The Cemex factory is outdated, inefficient and needs to be retired from service.
Please support a PUBLIC HEARING on this important issue so the Public can give its pertinent input.
Thank you,
Ray Wunderlich III MS
1063 43rd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33703

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