Nature Coast Action Team letter to FL DEP

August 4, 2015

August 4, 2015


Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Division of Air Resource Management, Office of Permitting and Compliance

2600 Blair Stone Road

Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400


Re: Public Comment on Draft/Proposed permit # 0530021-054-AV CEMEX Construction Materials Florida, LLC, Brooksville, Florida


As Founder and President, I am writing on behalf of the Nature Coast Action Team, Inc. (NCAT). Our members form an environmental “SWAT” team to respond quickly to environmental issues and irresponsible development along the Gulf coast.


We are writing to formally express the opposition of our membership to allowing a permit to be issued to allow the coal burning and mercury emitting CEMEX Brooksville South Cement Plant to continue to operate.


CEMEX has a history of violations with this cement plant and virtually all of their other mining operations in Hernando County. They include repeated air quality and blasting violations for many years. Our opinion is that their existing operations are a threat to the environment and public health, safety and quality of life for the residents of Hernando County and other counties in the path of prevailing winds.


FDEP is obviously aware of the dangers of airborne mercury, a deadly neurotoxin that even in small amounts is damaging, especially to the infants and children of Hernando County. FDEP has access to all of the Reported violations that because of flaws in the monitoring process is likely the tip of the iceberg.


The recent addition of “biomass” to the process in their operations only adds increasing and unknown (until after the fact) pollutants into the air we breathe.


Therefore, on behalf of our Members and the Board, NCAT respectfully urges the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to revoke the permit of all air polluting activities at the CEMEX Brooksville plants until they take the steps to be responsible operators in our community. We also request that FDEP holds a public hearing to explain the steps the agency is taking to protect the health of the citizens of our community.


Sincerely –


Forrest Bennett



Nature Coast Action Team, Inc. (NCAT)

Protecting the Environment and Quality of Life 

for the Residents of Florida’s Nature Coast


4377 Commercial Way / Suite 134

Spring Hill, FL  34606


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